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Cibrèo trattoria

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Via de' Macci, 122r

Caffè  Cibrèo


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Going along with the Chef’s fantasy, our menus basically follow the rhythm of the seasons. While apparently still, they move throughout Winter, Springtime, Summer and Fall and slightly change each month, each week, each day.

We avail ourselves of fishermen from the Tuscan sea, of farmers nearby Florence and their tender green ''radicchini'', of hundreds of other suppliers that are constantly in touch with us.

The adverse weather conditions may influence the fish menu, hot Septembers can lead to an early ripening of the green fig, warm Novembers can extend the porcini mushrooms availability.

It is since September 8th 1979 that we embrace our shepherds and their cheeses, the butchers and their meats, the pasta makers from Puglia region, Florentine olive pressers, producers of Sicilian lemons, “Clementini” tangerines growers from Calabria and truffle diggers from San Miniato and Piedmont.

The oregano provided by Francesca from Pantelleria reminds us that she is our “most ancient” supplier together with many wine producers that follow and constantly inspire us with their work.

We take good care of our pickled and under-oil products as well as of the honey from Elba island. We could never use vacuum-packed or deep-frozen foods, we reduce the use of the fridge to a minimum and we are absolutely fond of our pantry, a philosophy that enlightens our steps. We may not have mentioned everything in this few lines, not for forgetfulness but for due discretion, as we are quite jealous of our contacts, which are obviously within everybody’s reach.

If you need further information we are at your disposal.

Fabio Picchi


(detta il Cibreino)

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